Project Manager



Junior Project Manager, GTB { dearborn, MI }


Currently responsible for maintaining the delivery of multiple, global vehicle CGI assets for our client Ford Motors. My primary role includes schedule development, mitigating risks, and delivery management between agency teams and the client. 

Project Manager, YETI CGI
{ Grand Rapids, MI }

MAY 2017 - OCT. 2018

As my primary job at the time, I led projects that included release planning, created structured schedules, and tracked project progress for a number of projects dedicated to the development of VR, AR, and other new technologies.

project manager & Scrum master : INDEPENDENT contractor
Polyup { SUNNyvale, ca }

MAY 2017 - OCT. 2018

Led a team to bring Poly into the hands of teachers and their students to learn and experiment using this computational thinking app. I organized and led sprints and hands on reviews for several different Polyup teams including web development, social media, and conference events. It was my responsibility to set expectations and maintain the teams self accountability.

project manager : Senior Capstone Project
massive collaborative animation projects

AUG. 2017 - MAY 2018

For my final capstone project at FSU, I created schedules, delegated tasks, and recruited over 70 students from 4 different universities to create a full-dome animatic for a planetarium experience across the world.

Junior graphic designer, manobyte
{ Grand Rapids, MI }

MAY 2015 - JUNE 2017

Worked closely with the creative team on the development, design, and execution phases to re-brand websites for clients using Inbound Marketing strategies.


bachelors of applied science in digital animation and game design

Ferris State University
Grand Rapids, Michigan
AUG. 2013 - MAY 2018

proficient in:

- Microsoft Office Suite
(Word, Excel, Project)

- Adobe Creative Cloud
(Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)

- Project Management Software
(Smartsheet, Jira, & more!)


Team Leadership
Problem Solving
Task & Risk Management
Project Scheduling
Agile / Scrum
Critical Thinking
Quality Assurance
Communication Skills